thankful for polka dots & music box dress

my third oliver + s style was the music box jumper, making all three girls grey polka dot versions for thanksgivng. 

the fabric is a quilting cotton from gather here. at the time I didn't know it was quilt backing (and thus 120 inches wide, more than double what normal fabric is) so i had a lot of it!

i probably should have started with this style, instead of the family reunion dress which i did for the duggar dresses. it's simple (a one scissor pattern) but most importantly, easy to get good results with, which is essential for beginners. 

i would also recommend using snaps for this dress if you are just starting out. button holes are really tricky (i was never able to get the hang of them on my old machine). however i found snaps to be a great alternative during my first year of sewing. 

after dinner miss bo-betta (who hadn't had a nap that day) feel asleep while watching an episode of mister rodgers. but who hasn't done that?

all three girls wore these dresses at my parents 40th anniversary party in december. but with mixed emotions... 

sorry for the photo quality, i didn't know then i would be blogging this.


aunt maggie