book report dresses

quick post today.

one snowy day back in cambridge I bundled up and headed to gather here. on the store dress form was a darling rendition of the book report dress by oliver + s. inspired i started looking for a fabric for my own version. i came across this ikat print and knew it would be perfect.

once i found the appropriate solid kona cotton coordinate and buttons i set home and got to work.

i adore this pattern. the in seam front pockets are so practical and the shirt tail hem is just darling.

also those little cuffs make rolling up the sleeves easy.  

however etta often insists on wearing it backwards. here she is demonstrating the style with her sister at fairy land in oakland. 

i have no idea why nora looks so miserable here, she had a good time i swear. but here they are in the three little pigs house and posing with the owner...

and looking at some bunnies


aunt maggie