a 'very nice' holiday dress

as previously mentioned nora and etta are quite girly. i, however, am not.  so finding fabric that appeases them yet i can stand is often a challenge.

when i came across this rose and coral abstract print at gather here a few years back i knew immediately they would love it and bought a few yards.

having made some music box jumpers (an oliver + s pattern) that were  very well received for thanksgiving i set to work on another round for the december holidays.

this time i dressed the style up a tad with by adding a ribbon accent along the bottom of the bodice.  

etta listening to miles davis in her new dress, both of which she declared 'very nice'.

one of my favorite things about this style is how it can be worn year round: with long sleeved t-shirt and tights in the winter and by itself in the summer.  

here are nora and etta in their dresses a good six months after christmas: 

and here is maya in hers a month after that enjoying some peaches at the kerry town farmers market....good god that sentence could not be more ann arbor and i love it. 

who knows she might even fit into it when she gets her drivers lisence in 2028.


aunt maggie