snowflake pjs

last summer while in jackson hole for a friend's wedding i visited a local fabric store and picked up materials to make victor a flannel shirt, the scraps of which became the lil' man flannel

at the same time i came across some pretty awesome snowflake flannel. so i got a few yards with every intention of making holiday pj pants for the girls. however a month before the holidays my sister abby informed me that her girls (nora and etta) didn't like to wear pants to bed, preferring nightgowns. 

so like any good liberal arts graduate i had some iced coffee and came up with a plan b.

having just done a very successful rendition of the playtime dress from oliver + s i knew that style could easily be a nightgown. 

however the change of plans left me a smidge short on fabric so i swung by stonemountain & daughter and picked up some accent dark purple fabric for the pockets (and flat piping) and coordinating buttons.

the girls wore their new night gowns to ring in the new year...when they celebrated with the gmt timezone.


aunt maggie