polka dot badminton skorts & seven pound zucchinis

nora and etta are active little girls. very active little girls. but they are also quite girly and like to wear dresses and skirts.

which leads to situations like this...

so a few years back i decided the badminton skort from oliver + s would be the perfect style for them and with some polka dot cotton i picked up on sale from gather here i gave it a try.

i had never made a skort before, and honestly i was afraid the construction of the shorts would be really complicated. so i was pleasantly surprised when it came together perfectly.

he only part that was tricky was the back elastic, which i made too loose. but that is easily adjusted.

the girls brought the skorts when they visited us last summer. it was the perfect attire for helping pick a seven pound zucchini vic and i  had grown.

i remember when this child weighed less than this zucchini.

we ended up making a chocolate zucchini cake, or as my nieces called it 'yummy yucky cake'.


aunt maggie