back to school 2013

let's kick off back to school week with a throwback post to the dress i made two years ago for nora's first day of kindergarten.

earlier that summer i was back in michigan visiting my family and took nora to the store to pick out fabric. we settled on this gradient sprinkle print in pink (for her) and blue (for etta) as well as some accent ribbons.

i came home to cambridge, poured myself a harpoon summer ale, and set to work on two roller skate dresses by oliver + s. since we couldn't find any accent fabric that went with the sprinkle print i made version a. lined in white cotton batiste they ended up being perfect for the first day. 

nora was especially pleased her dress went so well with her new big kid backpack. 

my mom (now retired, but taught elementary school for 35 years) flew out and was present for the first day. 

such an exciting day! 


aunt maggie