croquet dresses

quick post today. 

a few years ago when i was just discovering the glory that is oliver + s patterns i went to visit vic's family in pennsylvania for the weekend. now i've already talked about how i find hand sewing to be a great way to bring your sewing when you travel. but another thing is pattern tracing.

when done right pattern tracing is time consuming, especially if the pattern has a lot of pieces. add into that doing the same pattern for multiple sizes and you're looking at hours and hours of work. fun work, but work. so i brought along the croquet dress pattern and traced both versions for all three girls that weekend. not a small task.

when i returned to cambridge i sewed up three versions of the dress with this blue print i had gotten from joanns (one of two times in the past few years i have gotten fabric from there) and a cranberry solid cotton i had picked up at gather here

one of the reasons i choose this cranberry is because this pattern called for a button loop and i had this ribbon in my stash that matched perfectly. 

i used the ribbon not only for the button loop, but also for some decorative accent along the top yoke. with the drop waist this is such a darling style!

and here is the finished product...


aunt maggie