fireworks playtime dress & lullaby layette top

about a year ago i was searching for the perfect wool for maya's paddington coat. a few options online caught my eye but having never bought wool before and seeing a wide range of prices (and presumably quality) it was apparent i would need to see it in person before making a decision.

after exhausting my east bay brick and motar options, stonemountain & daughter and a verb for keeping warm, i knew a trip to the city was necessary. armed with an iPhone full of taylor swift and iced coffee from the hip local shop (exposed brick, menu written on the chalkboard wall, and light fixtures made from old bicycle i painting a mental picture for you?) i set off one saturday for my quest.

by the way those people who say they could never live in california because they would 'miss the seasons?' well they are full of it. i grew up in michigan and love seasons as much as anyone but they can't beat this: 

upon arriving at britex i quickly found the perfect red wool (a remnant that was on sale if you would believe it) for the paddington coat.

feeling quite pleased with myself i decided to peruse the quilting cotton section and this burgundy sparkler print caught my eye. so along with my wool i picked up 1.5 yards of it and headed home.

i used the fabric to make maya a playtime dress. having made the pattern once before (i had done a knit version a few weeks earlier) i did two minor modifications: 1) instead of the facings i fully lined the bodice with a solid navy kona cotton and 2) added navy flat piping below the bodice. 

i also made the pockets out of the navy fabric, but used contrasting thread for the stitching.

i sent the finished product, which maya has since dubbed the 'fireworks dress', off as part of an entire winter wardrobe for maya.

maya's winter wardrobe: the beatles dress, fireworks dress, snow day dress, class picnic tunic, paisley hide and seek dress, and three pairs of playtime leggings.

true to it's name the playtime dress is very practical attire for an active little girl.

ut before long my little sister guilt kicked in and i decided baby sister needed something from this fabric too. up against some major fabric limitations i went with the long sleeved shirt from the lullaby layette set from oliver + s. i made it work via very careful cutting and swapping out a folded hem for navy facing.

so now both maya and neela have fireworks outfits.


aunt maggie