men's rugby shirt

victor comes from a family of all boys, i come from a family of all girls. which means we've had to educate each other on things. during our relationship i've learned how to properly throw a baseball and he's learned what i mean when i say something is the perfect size for molly and addy.

i've also learned that for victor the love of sports doesn't stop with baseball. yes we watch soccer, football, hockey, rugby, and if I'm being honest, ncaa softball with intense passion in our house. 

since victor is forever being a good sport listening to me blab on and on about my sewing I try to sew for him whenever I come across pattern he might like. when i saw nicole posted about a rugby shirt she made her husband i knew my sporty guy would love one. so i went on eBay and picked up the vintage pattern.

so very 80s!

with some high quality navy knit fabric from britex i set to work and the end result was quite fetching don't you think?

this was my first time doing a collar and I had only done a placket once before (in the lullaby layette baby gift), so I was very happy when the instructions lived up to nicole's description.

this shirt was also the first time I used a double needle for hemming and I was pleasently surprised with how neat and professional the result was. 


aunt maggie