by hand london by maggie

two years ago our friends joe and kathryn got married and i decided to use the occasion to make myself a new dress.

i found myself wanting something special so i went to spoonflower, a site i had read provided a lot of the fabric for the little things to sew book by oliver + s.  

it was amazing. i spent hours looking at prints before ordering a few swatches. once they arrived i quickly settled on the teal serpentine and placed an order for two yards in cotton sateen.

while waiting for my fabric to arrive i started researching dress options. nothing was really speaking to me until i came across the elisalex dress from by hand london at gather here.

it's a little hard to tell from the pattern what the finished product looks like, so like a good millennial i did a quick google search. loving what i saw, i bought the pattern and went home to get started on a muslin, with the help of an oatmeal stout of course. 

while annoying, the muslin did tell me something... i wasn't crazy about the way the dress fit my body. 

take two, with a slightly narrower skirt and thinner straps, was much better.

when my fabric arrived a week or so later i got to work. 

i was quickly reminded why i don't like sewing for adults. there is so much finicking with things to get it to fit right. first the pinning and basting:

then the trying on of the basted dress to see if it fits: 

then the actual sewing...

before trying it on again...

but finally i had a finished product to be proud of.

and of course eating avacados. 


aunt maggie