san francisco infinity scarf tutorial

have i mentioned lately that the bay area has the best weather?

then again i spent a quarter century in the midwest and northeast, so perhaps i'm easily impressed.


as for missing 'the seasons' well it's rubbish. tosh.o put it best when he said 'we like seasons. that's why we skip all the crappy ones.'

since i no longer need actual cold weather gear, i've developed a fondness for 'san francisco scarves' or infinity scarves made from cotton.

i've previously mentioned how i like to make infinity scarves for women (often i make them to match baby apparel like i did with the recent mommy and me outfit). today i am going to give a quick tutorial on how to make these super easy scarves.


  • one yard fabric
  • thread
  • needle
  • iron


1. fold the fabric in half, right sides together and stitch down the side. iron the seam open. if you want a longer thinner scarf fold length wise, if you want a fuller shorter scarf fold width wise.

2. flip the fabric tube right side out. fold one of the edges in on it's self and iron. 

3. twist the fabric (hence the infinity) and tuck the unfolded edge inside the folded one. stitch into place by hand.

congrats you've just made the easiest infinity scarf in history!


now the fabric options are limitless, here is one i made myself from the amy butler alchemy fabric (available here).


now go do something san francisco-ish. i'm going to have some fancy pour over coffee from a place with reclaimed wood on the walls and write some code, but you do what's right for you.



aunt maggie