birthday bunting tutorial

when vic and i did cross country long distance for 819 days (but who counted) one of the few things i didn't like about visiting him in california was that i couldn't bring my sewing with me.  then i discovered you could do entire projects by hand. game changer. 

one of the early hand sewing projects i did was birthday bunting for the girls. when i referred it as bunting vic was incredulous, insisting bunting was something baseball players did. #allboysfamily 


  • stash fabric in a variety of prints and colors for bunting
  • solid wool or felt for letters
  • bias tape or fabric to make bias tape
  • parchment paper
  • hand needles
  • thread
  • scissors
  • iron


  1. decide on the size you want your finished bunting to be. mine were 4 by 6 (ish). once i added seam allowances it came to 5 by 7 (ish). cut two squares for each letter.
  2. either freehand or use your computer to make pattern pieces for the letters out of the parchment paper. then cut them out of the solid colored wool or felt. 
  3. sew letters on the squares. if you are doing letters on both sides remember to reverse the letter order on the back side. 
  4. with right sides together sew the the square pairs together on three sides (leaving top short side open). trim seam allowance, flip right side out and press.
  5. line square pairs along bias tape, keeping them evenly spaced. (i put a 3 by 5 card between each of mine) fold bias tape over top (unsewn) edge of square pairs, pin in place.
  6. stitch along bias tape, securing square pairs into place. 

finished product

while these were originally intended as decorations for birthday parties (hence the name) the rest of the year they are hung in the girls rooms. here is maya's in her reading nook.


aunt maggie