cat toy tutorial

if it's not incredibly obvious, i love my cat. 

chairman percy fitzwallace aka fitz came into our lives this january and is never leaving.

growing up with dogs i never thought i would be a cat person, but I am definitely a fitz person.

now fitz is quite the mama's boy and is very into sewing, at least my sewing. he helps me pick fabrics,

and pitches in when it comes time to trace patterns.

he always makes sure i read the instructions from start to finish,

makes sure I have the tension set just right,

and even lends a paw to the actual sewing. 

like most cats fitzy is fascinated by birds. his favorite toy is 'squeaky parrot' and his favorite way to relax is to watch the bird in the nest outside our window. (we call this the situation room #aproportionalreaponse).

like the pet bed i made him from the cotton + steel august line?

today i am going to share a tutorial for some owl shaped cat nip toys i made him.


  • wool or felt scraps in a variety of colors
  • fabric scraps
  • iron on stitch tape
  • embroidery thread
  • black thread
  • cat nip
  • labels (optional, but so easy to make


1. cut your body, wings, beak, pupils and eyes from the felt.

2. cut the belly from the regular fabric

3. stitch the label on the back with a ziz-zag stitch.

4. stitch the belly and beak on the front with a zig-zag stitch. for both this and the label it will help to first attach them with the iron on stitch tape so they stay in place while you sew.

5. using the iron on stitch tape attach the eyes. then with he black thread attach the pupils

6. using the iron on stitch tape attach the wings to the front of the body. 

7. using the embroidery thread sew along the outside of the owl, leaving a one inch opening along the bottom and your thread uncut.

8. fill with cat nip and finishing stitching up the bottom.


9. give to your favorite feline to enjoy.

10. spend the next 20 minutes telling them how beautiful they are while trying to get a good picture.

seriously fitz? 


aunt maggie