navy morris blazer

a few years ago i made victor a rugby shirt from this beautiful knit fabric i had purchased at britex.

love aunt maggie | rugby shirt

however despite the fantastic craftsmanship it just wasn’t his style and he never wore it.

so being a scrappy and eco friendly girl I decided to chop it up and use the fabric to make myself one of the patterns i had my eye on for my capsule wardrobe: the morris blazer from grainline studio.

i was really scraping by with fabric on this one. even after unpicking all the hems to give me an extra inch. i wasn't able to cut out every piece fully and had to piece it together in a few places.

first there was the back. instead of two pieces coming together with a center back seam i cut out two smaller pieces (that’s all I had room for) and added a center back panel to make up the difference. i actually think this looks fine and it doesn’t impact the way the jacket feels when you have it on.


next was the front facing, which was trickier. This piece was really long, so I had to break it up, using four pieces on each side. In the cheast I kept the piecing symmetrical so it kinda looks like a design choice.


but up behind the neck it’s a little...artistic, but it’s behind my neck so that is okay.


But that wasn’t the time I got scrappy with fabric here, let’s talk about the bound seams.

I initially sewed everything with a zig-zag stitch then I went over everything with an overlock stitch. finally I bound every single exposed seam with the last little bit of this liberty of london apples print (picked up for maya’s peacock dress at gather here four years ago) by hand. 

every single exposed seam. by hand.

that's eight seams (two center back, two sides, two sleeves, and two armcycles) all by hand.


But that wasn’t the only hand sewing in this project. I also under stitched the hem facing by hand and then stitched the entire facing down by hand. 

Because of all the piecing, overlocking, and hand sewing this jacket took a whole weekend, but i’m thrilled with how it came out so it was worth it!


aunt maggie