duggar dresses

i guess you could say these are the dresses that really started me sewing.

june 2012: i took my new bike out for a spin and grabbed some coffee at 1369 (if you haven't been there and are ever in boston i highly recommend it, it's quite possibly the most darling coffee shop of all time).

then i wandered into gather here (an amazing fabric store in cambridge, massachusetts). when i emerged an hour or so later i had my first oliver + s pattern: the family reunion dress, a few yards of quilting cotton, some buttons, and thread.

a few weekends (hey i was learning) and lots of peach beer (hey i was young) later i had three dresses to bring on the family vacation. 

the finished product...

at the time i was incredibly proud of my work and the girls loved the novel concept of dresses their aunt made. however in hindsight the craftsman ship of these dresses left a bit to be desired. (i thought i could just wing it and didn't really follow the instructions. also i thought that button holes could be done by hand...for the love of god maggie!). 

so while i see why my sisters call these the 'duggar dresses' i'll can't help but smile when i come across a scrap of this fabric in my stash and i'll always love these dresses because of what they started.


aunt maggie