sometimes i can't even take credit for the concept behind my work.

my sister sent me a drawing nora did of her dream dress: purple polka dots, three quarter length sleeves, collar, and most importantly a twirly skirt. 

i combined the tinny dress pattern from straight grain with some purple polka dot fabric from a local fabric store and a few weeks later nora received her dream dress as birthday present. 

the birthday girl declared it the most beautiful dress in the world. naturally this caused her little sister to burst into tears because she didn't have one too. #epicfailauntmaggie. i made things right a few weeks later and presented etta with her own twirly dress.

i made a few alterations to the pattern: lining the bodice (in subsequent iterations I've lined the whole thing),  adding a facing to the bottom of the skirt (which is really the only way to finish a-line and circle skirts), and tacked down the collar with a blind stitch.

but really the most important thing is that this dress can twirl.

thanks for the inspiration girls!


aunt maggie