lining envelopes

so now that my invites had the names embossed and addressed it was time to turn my attention inside the envelope.

i thought long ago that wrapping paper would make an amazing envelope liner, so I turned to the best place for wrapping paper: spoonflower, which I had first discovered when looking for fabric to make myself the elisalex dress.

i knew I wanted the wrapping paper turned lining to meet two criteria:

  • go with the forest/fern theme
  • not have any one shade of green be too prominent, as to not clash with the envelopes.

i found this combination in the woodland ferns and greens print:

lovely right?

but when i went to check out I realized between printing and shipping it wouldn't arrive for over two weeks. seeing as how my mother was already bugging be about getting the invitations out I knew i didn't have that kind of time, so i got creative. I copied the image and merged a few of the images in word then printed it out at the local copy shop. 



  • lining paper cut to the width of your envelope and twice the height
  • envelopes, mine are the spruce a7 envelopes from the paper source
  • rubber cement
  • pen
  • scissors


1. line the bottom of the paper with the bottom of the envelope then nudge the envelop down about a half an inch.


2. with the envelop open trace around the top the flap.


3. cut out the lining paper and do a dry fit in the envelope


4. take the paper out of the envelope and apply rubber cement to the bottom half


5. slide it in the envelope and apply rubber cement to the top of lining paper (ignore my dirty fingernails I was gardening right before this)


6. press down


repeat 99 times while watching two episodes of homeland and drinking a ballast point victory at sea porter.

now for the invites!


aunt maggie