manager of floral logistics

I knew one of the flower girl dresses would need to be my favorite oliver + s pattern: the library dress, and who better to make it for than my rough and tumble namesake etta?

i made three modifications to the pattern:

  • as previously discussed when making this style I always line the entire bodice, so i did that and since since I was working with eyelet I also lined the skirt. however i kept the sleeves unlined. 
  • I've found once the girls are at a certain age they don't like buttons on the backs of their dresses so I opted for invisible zipper instead, here is an awesome tutorial on how to do that. 
  • as with the other dresses I wanted to keep the the scalloped hem of the eyelet rater than do a traditional hem. to do this i lined the bottom of the pattern up with the scalloped edge, the nudged it down by however much fabric would have been used in the hem. 

as with neela's dress I incorporated the green accent fabric as flat piping. 

love aunt maggie | manager of floral logistics

overall i have to say it turned out perfectly.  

love aunt maggie | manager of floral logistics

most importantly miss bo betta loved it!

photo curiosity of  ryan sin photography

photo curiosity of ryan sin photography

i should note that when we showed etta this picture and remarked that she was a dancing queen she replied "i wasn't dancing i was pretending to be a chicken with emmet!"



aunt maggie