floral intern

my youngest niece is miss neela banana peela. now this child is so perfect anything would look great on her, I mean seriously look at this face:


but ultimately I went with a style that works well for this age: bubble dress bodice accented with flat piping and a gathered skirt. 


I cut it out while watching west wing (btw once again Josh Lyman got $1 billion for childcare but had to give up $300 million for marriage incentives, which cost him Mary Louis Parker, I mean Amy Gardner)

with all the hectic-ness of wedding planning I didn't have time (or energy for cat distraction techniques) to trace out the gathered skirt pattern from the playtime dress so I just did a modified version of the bubble dress skirt.  


Like her sister's dress this one had a scalloped hem. 


to incorporate the green accent I added flat piping using the technique from the library dress.


two down, two to go! 


aunt maggie