california beer map

remember how we got awesome beer and wine for our wedding?

you might have noticed it was all from the great state of california. we did this for a few reasons:

  • when in doubt go local
  • especially when local is awesome (and california has pretty awesome beer and wine)
  • i had a craft in mind 

i bet you saw that last one coming. now a week before our wedding i came home with this:


and the following conversation occurred:

me: victor look what i got! only $5 at the thrift store around the corner!

victor: is that the virgin mary?

me: you're jewish, what do you care?

victor: but you're going to deface a picture of a religious icon for a wedding craft...

long pause

me: no I'm going to respectfully remove her, cover her with craft paper, and spray paint the frame copper. 

victor: okay that works.

and then i did just that!

  • first i covered the back with green paper left over from our invites and rubber cement. 
  • i had victor print out a map of california at work complete with the coordinates of each brewery/vineyard, then i traced it on craft paper, transferred over the coordinates, and cut it out.
  • for the legend i typed up our offerings in our signature font and printed it out a piece of 8.5 by 11 craft paper.  
  • finally the morning before the wedding i marked the points with different color sharpies.

 loved how it turned out:


aunt maggie