wedding invitations: addressing the issue

when we last left off with the wedding invitations i had lovingly embossed the names of all our guests on the invitations.

love aunt maggie | embossed wedding invitations

now it was time to add the addresses.

compared to the beautiful metallic copper embossing the copper sharpie looked so "blah". so I took a trip to the berkeley artist supply store. now this place has everything, and at first I was shocked to find their pen selection wasn't much different than what they had at the lovely, but small, elmwood stationary. then I asked to look at the pens locked behind the glass. 

talk about a game changer! for a $1 more than the sharpies these artist quality copper pens were exactly what was needed.


with my pens I began the process of addressing the invitations. after drawing lines with a pencil I wrote directly with the pen, continuing my "Art Deco" handwriting.


when erasing the lines I noted that it dulled the copper a bit, so I while I had to go back over it in some places the result was well worth it!


next up: envelope liners!


aunt maggie