a modern monogram

so in a shockingly turn of events the internet has picked up on the fact that I am a 25-34 year old female who is getting married. this means everyday i get a flood of messages, emails, and ads.

"arranging a hotel block for guests? don't make these 10 mistakes!" 

wait there are 10 mistakes i can make?

"your wedding is only 9 months away, make sure your florist knows these 10 essential things"

i need to have my florist now? 

"What's your wedding monogram style? use our monogram generator to find out!"

i've never been super into monograms. i don't know why but something about them feels too stuffy for me, but for whatever reason decided to give it a try.

m and v monogram 1

nope, definitely not. 

m and v monogram 2

better, but still not us. 

m and v monogram 3

getting closer...

m and v monogram 4


m and v monogram 5

Hey I kinda look that one!

so using the our signature fonts (which you might recall from our save the dates) I came up with a modern monogram for us:


I had it made into a stamp (from simon's stamps, the same folks who did my logo) and our custom wax seal:



aunt maggie