log planter

a few weeks ago I came across this giant piece of bark in the woods behind our friend's house. colin said I could have it and instantly i knew it would make an awesome planter for our wedding.


yes a planter. you may recall that our wedding is going to have a lot of plants. well i want them showcased in quirky and/or woodsy ways.

today I'm just going to talk about building the basic functional part. In a few weeks I'll come back and finish it.


  • semi circular piece of bark
  • plywood
  • scrap lumber
  • wood screws
  • sharpie
  • wood stain
  • jigsaw
  • drill
  • wood glue
  • bark


1. using the sharpie trace the curve of the semi circle onto the plywood.

2. cut out the plywood semicircle with the jigsaw then dry fit it into the log. the plywood won't fit perfectly into the bark leaving minor gaps, but that will be okay.


3. cut the scrap lumber into two right triangles. 

4. screw the triangles to both the log and the semicircles.


5. drill holes in the bottom of the log for drainage.


6. stain the plywood sides, so they blend in with the bark. make sure to get the top of the inside as well. unlike normal wood staining we don't care about this looking nice, in fact the more blotchy and natural it is the better!


7. put cardboard along the bottom to help with drainage and take up space so it's less heavy.

8. fill with dirt and plants. 


9. glued bark over the sides. 



aunt maggie