2015 recap: gifts, accessories, and toys

happy new years eve! to close out the year i'm recapping all my 2015 sewing this week.

on monday i reviewed the skirts and dresses i had made, on tuesday i recapped the tops, and yesterday i shared the pants, pajamas, and jackets. today i'm looking back over all the gifts, accessories, and toys i made this year.


to start the year i made myself a case for my new kindle (tutorial for which can be found here).

shortly after that i made myself a beautiful merchant & mills bag, which i wrote about here.

then this spring i made myself a cosmetic case using the in a clutch pattern sent to me by the wonderful folks at oliver + s.

and throughout the year i made several infinity or 'san francisco scarves' (here is a tutorial).


i also made a few toys, including this stuffed owl,

and these toy tea bags (tutorial here).


this year i discovered i love making napkins. first out of a simple solid cotton for myself.

and then in prints for my mother,

and victors (more on these here).


but really the most important non apparel sewing i've done this year has been for this guy...


i've made him cat nip toys (tutorial here),


a bed from the cotton & steel august line (here is a tutorial),

and of course bow ties (tutorial here).

lots of bow ties for my little man.

that wraps up my 2015 sewing. see you next year!


aunt maggie