hi, i'm maggie.

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i'm a quirky millennial living in the bay area who loves dark beer, hiking, exposed brick, and creative endeavors, in particular sewing for my four nieces: nora, etta, maya, and neela.

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2015 recap: skirts and dresses

2015 recap: skirts and dresses

this week i'll be recapping my projects from 2015 and taking about some of my plans for early 2016. today i'm kicking it off by talking about the skirts and dresses i made this year.


to start the year i made nora and etta library dresses (an oliver + s pattern) from a beautiful amethyst fine wale corduroy and a silver and grey polka dot. you can read more on these dresses here


then this summer i made the three older girls coordinating dresses from this poppy print i picked up at the fabric depot in portland. all the details are in this post, but here are the girls in their new dresses and my mom on our family vacation to the oregon coast.

nora and etta got the garden party dress (available for younger children here) from oliver + s, whereas maya got a mashup between the bubble dress and playtime dress both from oliver + s.


for the first day of school this year i made nora and etta hopscotch skirts (another oliver + s pattern) from a navy lawn and beautiful mother of pearl buttons from etsy. there are more details and pictures here, but don't you just love how cute the 'take-out-container' pocket is?


i didn't just sew for the girls. i made myself two everyday skirts from the lisel + co pattern this year. all the details are here, but the first was from a cobalt eyelet i got back in boston.

the second was from this beautiful cotton + steel print.


as part of my stash busting effort and challenge to sew more patterns i made this sweet swirly swing set skirt in the fall. more details here but the only trouble now is deciding who to give it to. 


finally i made nora and etta sunday brunch skirts (another oliver + s pattern) out of the same cobalt eyelet i used for my everyday skirt. more details and photos in the post here.

that wraps up the skirts and dresses i made this year, come back tomorrow when i'll be talking about all the tops i made!


aunt maggie


2015 recap: tops and tunics

2015 recap: tops and tunics

yet another homemade gift

yet another homemade gift