sewing resolutions: sew them all

so i've talked about the two sewing resolutions i made myself in 2015: to have less fabric and to sew more knit fabric. a third resolution i'm giving myself for the rest of 2015 and for 2016 is to sew more patterns and styles.

i'm pretty much the opposite of a pack rat. i don't buy a lot of things and obsessively go through my stuff and get rid of things i don't use or need anymore. 

except when it comes to sewing patterns. 

seriously it doesn't matter if i want to sew it or not, i must have it. i might want to sew it in the future and by then it might be out of print so i should but it now. this is especially true when it comes to my favorite pattern designer, oliver + s. for these patterns i've searched the depths of the internet and scoped out fabric stores in seven states.

as a result i've built quite the collection, but embarrassingly i've only sewn from 26 of the 48 patterns or 54% of them. not exactly impressive.

oliver + s pattern sewing progress

now i've outlined all my progress on this goal here, but what are my immediate plans to correct this? well here are some of the projects i want to tackle:

apple picking dress, long sleeves: well sort of. i love the blouse version kirstin from skirt as a top did for her daughter's girl detective outfit

badminton dress: my brother in law scott asked me to make the girls some dresses from fabric that had the pdx airport carpet pattern. i think this style could handle that fabric (not to mention this design provides a lot of accent fabric options). 

jump rope dress, long sleeve version: ever since i saw gail's version for stylo i was smitten, now which niece would like this the best and what fabric should i use?

parachute polo, long sleeve version: while i love making little flannels from the sketchbook shirt i'm need of a new go-to pattern for little boys. 

school photo dress: i've always thought nora (and etta) would love this style. time to make it for them. 


aunt maggie