sewing them all

one of my sewing resolutions is to sew more of my pattern stash, particularly patterns from my favorite designer, oliver + s. 

now why do i love these patterns? well not only are they insanely cute and practical styles (i talk about my five favorite patterns here) but they have awesome instructions and by sewing these patterns you really learn fundamental techniques and skills.

after a few years of searching i finally have all of them so now i need to get to work and sew all of them.  

all images of patterns from oliver + s website. 


aunt maggie

oliver + s pattern sewing progress

2 plus 2 blouse + pleated skirt

2 + 2 blouse + pleated skirt

after school shirt + pants

not made (Yet)!


apple-picking dress

oliver + s | apple picking dress

not made (yet)!


art museum vest + trousers

oliver + s | art museum vest + trousers

badminton skort, top, + dress

oliver + s | badminton skort, top, + dress

bedtime story pajamas

not made (yet)!


birthday party dress

not made (yet!)


book report dress


bubble dress

oliver + s | bubble dress

butterfly blouse + skirt


buttoned up button down

oliver + s | buttoned up button down

not made (yet!)


carousel dress

not made (yet!)


cartwheel dress


made but not blogged (yet!)


class picnic  blouse + skirt


croquet dress


fairy tale dress


family reunion dress


field trip cargo pants + raglan t-shirt

made but not blogged (yet!)


firefly jacket

not made (yet!)


forest path cape

oliver + s | forest path cape.jpg

not made (yet!)


garden party dress + blouse


girl on the go dress and top

girl on the go.jpg

made but not blogged (yet!)


hide-and-seek dress + tunic


hopscotch skirt, knit top, + dress 


hula hoop skirt

not made (yet!)


ice cream dress

jump rope dress


library dress


lullaby layette set


lunch box tee + culottes

not made (yet!)


music box jumper

oliver + s | music box jumper

music class blouse + skirt

not made (yet!)


nature walk pullover + knit pants

not made (yet!)


parachute polo + sweatpants

not made (yet!)


pinwheel tunic + slip dress


playdate dress


playtime dress, tunic, + leggings


puppet show tunic, dress + shorts

not made (yet!)


roller skate dress + tunic


sailboat top, skirt, + pants


sandbox pants

love aunt maggie | sandbox pants

not made (yet!)


school bus t-shirt

love aunt maggie | school bus t shirt

school days jacket + coat

love aunt maggie school days jacket + coat

school photo dress

love aunt maggie school photo dress

not made (yet!)


seashore sundress

love aunt maggie | seashore sundress

not made (yet!)


secret agent trench coat

not made (yet!)


sketchbook shirt + shorts

love aunt maggie sketch

sleepover pajamas


sunday brunch jacket + a-line skirt


swingset tunic + skirt


teaparty sundress + playsuit

not made (yet!)