non pj pjs

a while back i was watching maya and as bedtime was approaching i said it was time to put on her pjs. the kid lost it. turns out she had never heard anyone refer to pajamas as pjs before and thought it was the funniest thing ever.

today i am going to share a three non pajama patterns that actually make great pjs

ice cream dress

a few years back my sister mentioned nora needed more pajamas. i jumped at the chance to fix the situation.  

at the time I was new to sewing and didn't think i could handle a placket so i consulted with the lovely staff at gather here over what oliver + s pattern could be a night gown. we all agreed that if made with a soft fabric the ice cream dress would be perfect. so with 2/3 a yard of liberty, an old sheet, and an oatmeal stout i made my first non pj pjs.

etta has such a baby face here!

and even proved to be comfy when your little sister sleeps with her foot on your back.


play time dress


i used the play time dress pattern to make some very well received nightgowns for the girls last year for christmas from a soft snowflake flannel i picked up in jackson hole wyoming a few months earlier.

here are the cousins in their new bedtime attire celebrating new years eve (gmt timezone of course).



school bus t-shirt and playtime leggings  

you remember maya's incredible violet incredible halloween costume? the long sleeve version of the school bus t-shirt and the leggings from the play time pattern


well it has quickly become maya's favorite pjs. it's not surprising when you think about it: i mean leggings and a long sleeve shirt, both in a comfy knit fabric? i'd wear that to bed. 



aunt maggie