baby gift

i'm the youngest of three girls and each of my two sisters has two daughters of their own. also my mother has a sister who also has three daughters (spaced similarly to us) and three of their four babies them have been girls.

so i guess you could say there is a lot of estrogen in our family.

give this strong bias it's not surprising that when my cousin was pregnant but didn't know the gender i was at a loss as to what to make. i just couldn't wrap my head around sewing for a little boy. (for the record i have since conquered this challenge.)

going through my stash, with purples and pinks abound, didn't help either. until i came across the fabric i used to line maya and etta's owl backpacks.


sure when paired with the coral canvas it was quite feminine, but there was a fair amount of blue in there, and some red and grey. with this swatch in hand i went through my stash again and discovered i had a lot of things that matched it.

using the lullaby layette pattern from oliver + s i made the reversible jacket with the owl fabric and a solid red cotton left over from maya's polka dot roller skate dress. for the bias binding i used a soft baby blue chambray-type fabric nora and etta had insisted we get while at bolt a few months earlier.

using the red and white polka dot fabric left over from the same dress of maya's i also made a onesie. this was my first time doing a placket and it i was a bit nervous especially given how small baby stuff is. but it turned out splendidly thanks to the o+s instructions.

then my cousin had her baby and it was (to no one's surprise) a girl. once again in my feminine comfort zone i made another onesie, but this time i used cherie's method for adding flutter sleeves.

all together it made a pretty awesome baby gift!

baby a looked just lovely in her new onesie once she grew into it. (i made everything in the 3-6 month size).


aunt maggie