polka dots for maya (part 1)

a few days ago i texted my sister and mom asking if they had any picture of maya in a few outfits so i could blog about them. it went something like this:

me: do you have any pictures of maya in that red polka dot dress?

me: what about that orange and purple [polka dot] long sleeved dress?

me: or that orange and white polka dot skirt?

me: also the green [polka dot] top with the purple accent and that purple and white [polka dot] top?

it was around this time i realized i should probably examine my relationship with polka dots.

bottom line: i make a lot of stuff with polka dots, especially for maya. thinking back this is the dress that started it all. so i thought i would share it first.

after the chevron dresses were such a hit sammie asked if i could make maya another roller skate dress (an oliver + s pattern). as i've said before my sisters rarely make requests, so when then do i try to accommodate. 

armed with a summer ale and fabric from fields fabric in holland, michigan (purchased when we got fabric for the owl backpacks and nora's first day of kindergarten dress), i set to work. 

i must have had too much summer love ale (if it is even possible to have too much of anything from victory brewing) because i accidentally cut the dress at the tunic length. being a scrappy problem solver i went to my stash, found some accent fabric and decided the whole situation could be solved by just making version b which has a contrasting collar and more importantly for my predicament: a band at the bottom made from an accent fabric.

please excuse the photo quality here, at the time i didn't know i would be blogging about this.

having previously established that due to her 'ethnically ambiguous complexion representative of the melting pot of the american dream' maya looks quite good in bright bold prints and contrasting color combinations, i decided that this dress could handle some pattern mixing via a chevron ribbon on the front.

the result was a really fun dress perfect for an almost 2 year old. 

especially one who likes ice cream!


aunt maggie