farmers market

shut the front door our friends are procreating? 

to celebrate i made their baby girl an outfit. maybe it's the ann arbor in me but doesn't this outfit look like it should be worn to the farmers market? 

the sunday brunch coat was actually the second oliver + s pattern i ever made, way back when maya was a baby.

my craftsmanship was much improved (i.e. more hand sewing) this time around: better seam binding technique, under stitching, french seams, edge stitching, and a blind stitched hem.

i also used a contrasting fabric for the facing and cuff.

to make the seam binding perfect i first attached it with the machine then folded it over and closed/finished it by hand. i have to admit it broke up my mojo to stop and hand sew before going on to the next part with the machine. normally i do all hand sewing at the end of a project while admiring my work, watching hbo, and drinking a ballast point grapefruit sculpin ipa. (could I sound any more like a pretentious bay area yuppie? nope don't think so.) but in the end the result was well worth it.

i almost managed to do the entire coat with a quarter spool of purple thread. (who wants to stop sewing to make a fabric store run?) to make it work i switched to other thread for the gathers and stitches that didn't show.

i had just finished hemming with about a foot of thread left when i remembered the button holes. everyone knows you can't risk using a contrasting thread on button holes, one slip up up you'll have a disaster akin to chernobyl on your hands. sigh.

i continued the polka dot theme with my second rendition of the 2 + 2 blouse by oliver + s. i've had this pattern forever but never made it until a few months ago and now i'm wondering why. it's really cute, fun to sew, and works equally well with a simple fabric like this or something with more pizzaz. (my first version was for neela out of the beatles fabric.)

last but not least i whipped up a pair of playtime leggings from oliver + s out of some amethyst knit i had around. 

now i don't normally take cost into consideration when i sew, but being i'm a numbers person i can't help but keep track.

for the jacket i used this  amethyst fine whale corduroy and some polka dot cotton, both left over from nora and etta's show & tell dresses. the knit was left over from a project a while back. so all said and done this outfit was a mere $5 ($3 for the buttons and $2 for the thread). to me that feels especially satisfying. 

now go buy some produce!


aunt maggie