hi, i'm maggie.

{like the rod stewart song}

i'm a quirky millennial living in the bay area who loves dark beer, hiking, exposed brick, and creative endeavors, in particular sewing for my four nieces: nora, etta, maya, and neela.

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sunday brunch 1.0

sunday brunch 1.0

fresh off my awesome introductory experience with the duggar dresses i was itching to try another style.

after consulting the internet and reading this queen of the flies post and this probably actually post i decided on a pattern for my second oliver + s adventure: the sunday brunch jacket

so armed with green canvas-esq fabric from gather here, some purple polka dot fabric from when I had gone to meet month old maya in north carolina, and a harpoon ginger wheat beer i set to work.

not surprisingly (it is oliver+ s after all) it came together perfectly and i was quite pleased with myself.

so pleased i even modified the pattern and added a loop to hang it by.

now before we look at the next photo let's remember two things:

1. i was new to sewing and once again thought you could wing button holes.

2.  i have since made this jacket excellently.

we all clear on those things?


but still not too shabby. okay let's focus on how cute it was on baby maya,

and how happy my sister looks.


aunt maggie


polka dot badminton skorts & seven pound zucchinis

polka dot badminton skorts & seven pound zucchinis

recent happenings

recent happenings