recent happenings

for the past two months all but one of my blog posts have been about old projects. (i guess is the blog version of stash busting?)

while I still have a fair amount of posts lined up i wanted to end the month by sharing more recent pictures. some updates of things you've seen before and some previews of projects i've been working on.

neela now fits in her beatles top

nora wore her poppy dress for the first day of second grade (not to be confused with the skirts they wore for etta's first day.)

neela has mastered accessorizing her courdoury baby pants.

however she wasn't very happy when maya and i decided to pretend she could stand in her fireworks top

as for me, well pumpkin beer is back in the stores so there is that.

also i've been working on things for my cousins' children, including this swingset skirt from oliver + s:

and sailboat top, also from oliver + s:

fitz has been especially helpful when planning maya's halloween costume. 

and finally maya has requested a pot holder so that will be happening soon.

anyways that is what's going on around here! 


aunt maggie