my first class picnic tunic

oh man i love the class picnic tunic from oliver + s. more specifically, maya loves the class picnic tunic. it's perfect for her casual and comfortable style. i've made it for her second birthday, her third birthday, and her winter wardrobe. but this top came before all of those. 

fall 2013: after seeing gail's version here i had to try this style. so one friday night in boston armed with a dogfish head pumpkin beer and stash fabric from nora and etta's dolly's ergos, i dove in.

even though it was my first pass at the pattern i couldn't resist modifying it a little by adding a hem facing. not surprising giving my unconditional positive regard for facings

naturally it was a little big on maya, who is quite the peanut.

but with this loose fitting top my sister and i coined the name for maya's signature style: ragamuffin chic. here she is explemfying the look at the county farm park in ann arbor.

this style has proven to be excellent attire for watching minature horses at the minature horse show in eagleton, i mean walnut creek.

and comfy enough for taking a nap in your aunt's ironic (am I using that word correctly?) hipster sunglasses from college.

but who among us hasn't passed out in some form of summer sendoff swag?


aunt maggie