at long last on the go organizers

what is the longest you've ever left something as a work in progress before actually finishing it?

until recently mine was this owl backpack which I first cut out in the fall of 2013 but didn't sew until the right lil' man came along.

ever since then these on the go organizers, which I started in november 2014 (after seeing this post from gail) were been my oldest work in progress, until now. 

why did it take so long? well i was maniacal over the fabric selection, obsessing over the combination of fabrics and intent on not wasting anything. the main fabric, which determined the color scheme and every other fabric I used was this bird print I picked up at stonemountain & daughter in 2014.


originally i used it for maya's put a bird on it roller skate dress


and later neela's coordinating lullaby layette onesie.


as for the coordinating fabrics the baby blue cotton was something I picked up ages ago at bolt in portland.  


(nora looks so little in that picture, i almost can't stand it!)

the kelly green lawn was purchased a verb for keeping warm in 2014 for the lining of nora and etta's beatles dresses.


well now that it's done i have to say it all came together perfectly. 

love aunt maggie on the go organizers

i "modified" the gingercake pattern by using a piece of purple elastic along the long side for a closure.

i say "modified" because i didn't actually purchase the pattern until i was done with the project, (i guess i figured i could figure it out myself?) now that i have purchased and read the pattern i can see where i could have done a few things better. 

love aunt maggie on the go organizers

i also made a little patch pocket on the inside out of the bird print and kelly green fabric.  

love aunt maggie on the go organizers

i also included my label on the back.

love aunt maggie on the go organizers
love aunt maggie on the go organizers


aunt maggie