new kitchen napkins

my sister Abby lives in a beautiful 100 year old Portland home.


I was the first family member to visit after they bought it and I remember telling her "it's original in all the ways you want a 100 year old house to be original and modern in all the ways you want a 100 year old house to be modern"

and it was, except for the kitchen.

so after a few years of living in the house they re did the kitchen this fall and it is beautiful. I you need a picture here to really understand how awesome this turned out. 


so when we went up for thanksgiving I decided to make her some "new kitchen" napkins as a housewarming gift.


What's that you say...the fabric looks familiar?  


well yes, you caught me, I'm stash busting here. originally from spoonflower this fabric is left over from my 2013 rendition of the by hand london elisalex dress:


remember? maybe this will help:


Anyways I used the last yard to whip up six dinner napkins for my abby.



aunt maggie