even more handmade gifts

surprise! i've continued with making my family members napkins and candles! 

i made this set of napkins for my sister sammie, also known as maya and neela's mom. (for more on my past gifts check out this post on a similar gift i gave my mother and this post on one i gave victor's mom).

the fabric came from a verb for keeping warm. now i've said it before and i'll say it again but that place has such a beautiful selection of fabrics. it's clear everything there was picked out with great care by someone who has awesome taste. 

i have to say i really nailed the corners of these, but that probably has to do with the fact that the fabric was a high quality cotton that responded well to the iron.   

per usual i added a bit of twill tape on the corner of each one. i could make up some reason as to why i do this, but the reality is i just like the way it looks. 

for the candle i did peppermint this time. 

not bad, not bad at all!


aunt maggie