my favorite homemade gifts: hostess, house warming, and girl friends

today i'm wrapping up the series on my favorite home made gifts by talking about things you can make for housewarming, hostess, and girl friends. 


napkins & table runners

who doesn't need more napkins? with a scant yard and a half of quilting cotton you can whip up six everyday napkins in just a few episodes of homeland. (by the way i gathered two things from the most recent episode: 1. sarin gas is very bad and 2. berlin has an amazing public transit system.)

not to mention napkins provide a great opportunity to practice your edge stitching. and who among us doesn't need to do that from time to time?


pet beds

of course giving attention to four legged members of the family is always good idea. here is a tutorial on the bed i made for my parents dog rosie:

and here is a version i made for a far more intelligent animal:


infinity scarves  

got a yard of fabric? can you sew a straight line? then you should be making infinity scarves. tutorial to come next week.


cosmetic clutch

who doesn't need another bag this size? the pattern is the in a clutch cosmetic case by straight stitch society which i received from the good folks at oliver + s this past spring. more on that here.

so there you have it my favorite home made gifts, for now at least! if you want to check out the past posts you can view my post on kids toys and accessories here, little girl apparel here, little boy apparel here, and babies and new moms here.


aunt maggie