my favorite homemade gifts: kid toys & accessories

this is awkward but we should probably talk about how it's the holiday season. for the next few posts i am going to share my go to homemade gifts for various demographics. let's start with the obvious: kid toys and accessories.


memory game

such a classic. good for boys and girls, challenging and appropriate for all ages (can't play the game yet? just match them up or find all the ones with dots. etc.), and safe to have around baby siblings and pets.  

here is a tutorial for the set i made maya:

bonus points if you give it in a fun case like this drawstring bag.


play food

tea time! recently i made maya some very well received toy tea bags. super easy (tutorial here) and very satisfying project. 

and who among us doesn't want to have a cup of tea with santa claus?



another gift for your budding alice waters or michael ruhelman is an apron. i modified the class picnic tunic by oliver + s to make maya an apron last year. here is the tutorial.

it was definitely a hit...

and even inspires maya to help with the clean up. 


dolly ergo

oh man this one is a crowd pleaser let me tell you. first with nora and etta in 2012:

and again for maya last year.



everyone likes backpacks. people who take a lot of important stuff places like my nieces, love backpacks: 

she is referring to the rendition i did of the penguin backpack from the little things to sew book from oliver + s to make in an owl, first for maya:

which inspired the greatest reaction of all time. 

what are your holiday gift plans?


aunt maggie