a last minute act of hospitality

vic and i had a super bowl party this past weekend. he spent a week deciding on the menu and the better part of saturday prepping food (don't feel bad for him, he loves cooking).

meanwhile my contribution was cleaning the house, putting the cat in an amazing bow tie, and picking up some flowers from a shop in rockridge.


then three hours before guests arrived i decided i need to make something. what did I make? a set of twelve cocktail napkins of course! 

complete with a useless-except-i-like-the-way-it-looks tag made from some vintage bias tape i had around.

the fabric originally came from stonemountain & daughter. i bought it to make myself a lisette traveler dress, but after constructing the body i decided it didn't fit quite right, so i didn't finish it. but I'm glad I finished these!



aunt maggie