fabric crush friday

I have quite a few fabric crushes these days. so indulge me for a minute, fair warning this is a lot of cotton + steel...and may end with a fabric purchase. 

first up this bird print from the cotton + steel honeymoon collection. doesn't it just look like it needs to be some baby clothes. perhaps a onesie or a tunic?


next up there is something so sweet about this blue print from cotton + steel's paper bandana line. wouldn't it be great for a swirly twirly dress of sorts?


and obviously i need this cotton + steel cat print in my life.


now for my favorite. colorful indian elephants? be still my heart. 


I think sweet neela needs a blanket (a la this version from Gail) in this print, and i might just order two yards of this print to make that happen. 

so many colors would go with it, magenta, coral, orange. the possibilities are endless. 

thanks for indulging me!


aunt maggie