ten more tools

a few weeks ago i shared ten tiny sewing tools i love. while adorable those little things aren't the only tools i use. so today i'm going to share ten more that are also essential.  

clear ruler

sometimes you need a very precise measurement. when that need arises, mostly with seam allowances, i turn to my clear six inch ruler.


fray check

when I package my creations up they look perfectly pressed and prestine. the next time i see them in person i see how they are holding up to wear and tear from being worn by active little kids. one thing i quickly learned was that ribbon needs protection on any exposed edges. fray check is my preferred method for doing this but if you're in a pinch clear nail polish works too.


a good chalk system

so I have some of that triangle chalk, and it's cool in the way shaving with straight blade razors is cool. but honestly i've found this little contraption that i picked up at stonemountain & daughter is much easier to use.


fusible interfacing 

oh this stuff is amazing. it gives fabric a little bit of structure (in places like collars, cuffs, or shoulder seams) or strength (in places where you will be putting button holes or snaps). it's like the sober designated driver on an epic night out, sure they may not be the star of the show but having them there makes everything a lot more functional. 


fabric scissors

along with your iron these are crucial. i used to use regular scissors but one day i tried the scissors from our knife set and oh. my. god. major life change.

as kitchen scissors they are designed to easily come apart for washing and sharpening, which I've decided is very important.


pinking shears

pinking shears get a bad rap in the indie sewing blog community, with all it's french and bound seams. but these are still an essential tool in my sewing box. even when i'm going to do a more finished seam i like to pink the seam allowances so nothing comes apart during construction. not to mention i use them on all my labels.


pattern & paper scissors

yes i take my scissors this seriously. having a separate pair for cutting out patterns is key to keeping your fabric pair sharp.


parchment paper

I inherited many things traits from my father: a savant like memory, social ackwardness, a great short game, and a tendency to be incredibly particular. for sewing this means everytime i make a new style or size i trace the pieces on parchment paper.


once I've labeled and cut out each piece I store them all in a envelope just for that size and pattern combo, which i label with my label maker.


compressed air, q-tips, and tweezers

okay hear me out on this one. 

gunk in your sewing machine is like hangovers: you can cope just fine until one day you can't and it's the worst. so after each project i unscrew my foot plate and use these tools to clear out all the stuff that has accumulated. it's crazy how much better my machine runs afterwards.


an awesome sidekick & helper

can you really say you're surprised by this?

i mean he can be a little devil at times  ("hey it looks like you're using this thread so i'm gonna go ahead and knock it off the table.")

but he's my little devil. 


aunt maggie