so very retro (part one)

a little while back vic's mom asked if i would like some vintage sewing notions and patterns. you see the mother of one of her friends had passed away and the friend could only part with her mother's things if she knew they were going to a good home.  

well i was happy to provide said home, and today i'll share some of the wonderful things i received.

first up this pattern for a little girls shift dress. according to the internet and mccalls released this pattern in 1968. it's crazy to think it's almost half a century old. i think it would look so cute on maya.

also that price! $0.50 in 1968 translates to $3.42 today according to the consumer price index calculator on the bls website. however it only comes in one size and seeing as i now pay $15-$20 for a patterns that comes with four to five sizes it's probably about the same value.

then there was this dress pattern from 1969 for a slightly older girl. these styles are so very nora.  can't wait to make one of them with her.

love aunt maggie so very retro

also check out this rad hemline marker: 

and the back:

i mean how cool is that? i never knew hem marking was such a thing, but definitely going to try it next time i make myself an everyday skirt. (if anyone is interested here is one on ebay). 

last but not least some of the notions. i don't think I've fully expressed how i feel about trim, but it goes something like this: i freakin love it. seriously can't get enough.

it's all in prestine condition and i'll be using it for years to come. 

check out these labels, i haven't heard of most of these companies.

having all these colors on hand will be so great for the rainbow skirts I am planing for the upcoming swing set skirt sew along.

thanks again lois, these things are truly beautiful and will be loved and enjoyed!


aunt maggie