#lovewins for teeka bear

remember the #lovewins skirts I made maya and neela? 


well I thought maya's favorite stuffed animal teeka bear might also want one so I texted my brother-in-law for the crucial info:


then a little while later this came:


aren't brothers-in-law the best?

anyways around this time I realized teeka had roughly the same waist measurement as an American girl doll. Knowing those dolls will eventually be in maya and neela's life I decided to size for them. I'll do a full tutorial later but for now let's just look at what I created this time.

at first I felt it was too short but then I remembered: it's for a stuffed bear. If she's a little slutty it's okay.

like maya's I lined it with cherry red fabric,

perhaps i'm biased but isn't this hem just the cutest thing you ever did see?

finally i stitched on a yellow "drawstring", aka some of the vintage bias tape vic's mom sent me a few months back

i forgot how satisfying dolly clothing is to sew! 


aunt maggie