hi, i'm maggie.

{like the rod stewart song}

i'm a quirky millennial living in the bay area who loves dark beer, hiking, exposed brick, and creative endeavors, in particular sewing for my four nieces: nora, etta, maya, and neela.

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book report dresses for charlotte and charlotte

book report dresses for charlotte and charlotte

good god i love making doll outfits.

a few years ago i made these book report dresses for nora and etta:


(great face nora)

those dresses have since been passed down to maya (and neela). those two are obsessed with their charlotte and charlotte two dolls so I decided to make a doll version of the dress.


it's so tiny! 


just like the original book report dress (from oliver + s) i included itty bitty inseam pockets. 


a dress so nice I made it twice! (wth a slightly different shade of blue for the accent fabric).



aunt maggie


bouncy house fun

bouncy house fun

center of attention

center of attention