sunday brunch skirt for my biggest fans

these skirts satisfy two of my sewing resolutions: busting my stash and sewing more patterns.

i was doing what i always do when planning a project: sitting cross legged on the floor, patterns on my right, stash on my left, a mason of a triple rock porter in front of me pulling together various combinations and seeing what might work. when i came across this pairing of a lightweight cobalt eyelet and the sunday brunch pattern from oliver + s  i paused:

i had made myself an awesome everyday skirt from this fabric. could i really do something so similar for the girls?

wait these are the girls who declared me to be 'the world's coolest grown up'. i mean just look at this card nora made me:

not to brag but they do have a point. i can drive a car, work in an office with unlimited m&m's and gummy bears, and don't have a bed time. why wouldn't they want to be like their cool aunt maggie?

so i set to work on mini versions for them.

up against some serious fabric limitations i got creative, doing a contrasting cranberry facing for the skirt pocket. the result was adorable.

how beautiful is this eyelet? 

and that back pleat? 

a little closer.

and finally the secret sissy button: a wooden heart from this etsy shop.

maybe I should add a button to my skirt to be part of the crew? 


aunt maggie