#lovewins swingset skirt

the supreme court gives the best birthday gifts. 

this year when i woke up on june 26th i found they had ruled that marriage was a right for all americans. that night i opened my present from victor's mom: a package of beautiful fabrics, including this rainbow print. how fitting!

given the significance of the day i was excited to make something for my nieces with it, but what? frozen with indecision the fabric just sat in my stash for months. then this fall maya specifically requested a rainbow skirt and i knew it was meant to be. 

i knew from experience the oliver + s swingset skirt, with it's twirly nature, would be a hit. so i whipped one up in her size.

the nice thing about sewing with rainbow fabric is that any color thread works. so i decided to use a variety of colors, surprising since i normally hate thread changes!

for the lining i used some lightweight red cotton (left over from this project) and of course a different colored thread on the hem stitching.

what's better than one swingset skirt? two obviously! so i made another for miss neela. this time the with a green casing made from lawn left over from the lining of nora and etta's beatles dresses.

love aunt maggie | love wins swingset skirt

enjoy your skirts girls, so happy for the world you get to grow up in!


aunt maggie