arrow swingset skirt

my brother-in-law Scott, also known as Nora and Etta's dad, is a big time hunter and fisher.  

it's lead to victor doing this sort of thing:

when I saw the cotton + steel mustang line, with it's animal and arrow prints, I knew it would be perfect for his daughters and picked up two yards of the pink arrow print from stonemountain & daughter

i originally thought this print would look great as a roller skate dress, and even went so far as to cut one out. then I saw Gail's swingset skirt in the blue version of the fabric and knew roller skate dresses where not gonna happen.

Having just made this style with the #lovewins skirts I thought the girls could help me with it, so while I was up in Portland both girls traced their patterns:

at this point Nora wanted to work on her own sewing projects, so Etta and I cut out and made her skirt.

little hands cutting cotton + steel fabric, be still my heart!

thanks to the poor planning by aunt Maggie and five year old cutting by Etta we were a tad short on fabric for big sister's skirt.

But I'm scrappy and once back in oakland figured out a way to blend the patterns together at a center seam. since the skirt gathers it's hardly noticeable.

etta's skirt is lined in a light blue chambray I bought years ago at bolt fabric in Portland. for nora's I used a lining staple: white cotton sateen from a fitted sheet that had ripped.

both skirts got a yellow ribbon drawstring from my stash, sealed with a smidgen of fray check.

gotta get this in the mail! 


aunt maggie