frothy bubble skirt

quick post today.  

i had never heard of, let alone made, a bubble hem until i made my first bubble dress from oliver + s.

my first bubble hem: maya's power clashing dress

then suddenly this poofy hem was everywhere and i knew it would only be a matter of time before i came across another pattern with it that i simply had to try. 

that moment came when i saw this post from gail about the frothy skirt from make it perfect

since the first bubble hem had been so well received by maya I figured she would be a good recipient for the next. digging through my stash i found some tangerine polka dot lawn purchased back in boston that was both fun and light weight (a necessity for getting the signature bubble skirt poof).

combined with some white sateen for the lining i whipped up the skirt in a few hours.

as always maya pulled of the 'power clashing' look quite well when she paired it with a purple kenyon t-shirt (also an aunt maggie gift). 


aunt maggie