welt pockets

today i'm talking pockets again, specifically welt pockets.

love aunt maggie | welt pockets

welt pockets are a way of adding a pocket bag to the inside of the garment and having a finished lip or welt on the outside. 

there are a ton of welt pocket tutorials out there, but my far and away favorite is this one on the oliver + s blog from kristin of skirt as top.

while welt pockets are commonly seen on attire i would recommend trying them other places, where the stakes are lower, especially the first time you sew one.

my first attempt at a welt pocket was a double welt pocket i did with the help of this tutorial for the inside of maya's paddington suitcase.

love aunt maggie | paddington welt

having done this small project successfully was a big help when i later when i made my first pair of baby pants.

love aunt maggie | baby welt pocket


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